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Whether you are interested in becoming more automated, reducing your production costs, or solving unusual packaging situations, we are ready to help. Founded in 2000, Zhejiang Wity Machinery Group Co., Ltd. is a packaging converting machinery manufacturer with the experience and knowledge to solve your packaging and converting needs. Our package converting machinery falls into three categories: paper/carton packaging machines and converting machinery; flexible packaging converting machinery, and plastic converting machinery.

Wity products are utilized in a wide variety of applications. For example, our guillotine paper cutting machine is ideal for cutting various printed papers; our label offset printing machines are widely used to print notes and top-grade adhesive labels for printing houses; A4 photocopy paper wrapping machines, a new product developed by Wity Machinery, is used for cutting and packing A4 copy sheets; envelope making machines are suitable for creating envelopes with a variety of shapes; die cutting and creasing machines are used to crease and die-cut ordinary cardboard, corrugated board, or plastic sheets; and slitting machines are perfect for slitting various roll-type materials such as plastic film.

Our performance is based on engineering excellence and dedication to the highest quality standards in manufacturing and customer satisfaction. Due to our emphasis on the quality of our products and service, we at Wity Machinery have earned both the CE and ISO 9000 certificates. From the initial drafts, through production, to the installation and start-up, every process and procedure in our facility is designed to ensure the highest quality standards.

With compact structure, superior quality, and reliability as well as long life span and competitive prices, our packaging machines and plastic machines enjoy great popularity and reputation both at home and abroad. Our customers are all over the world, such as Europe, South America, North America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, North Afric

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